You’re the CEO / HR manager of a company.

Companies that encourage employee time off have better retention and profitability. Timlio can make time off management in your company super easy.
I'm a manager
Create your own leave types
Setup your own set of leave types ranging from PTO, Vacation, Sick Days, Paternity Leave, Jury Duty, Bereavement Leave or anything else.
I want to define different leaves
Implement custom leave policies
Setup rules for leave accrual and define quotas for each leave type, how they carry over from year to year, whether leaves are taken in whole days or hourly. Need an exception? Managers can always overwrite people’s leave balances.
Let’s start defining policies
Easy leave approvals
Leave requests are instantly sent to managers for approval. Customize the approval workflow to let leaves to get auto-approved or require multi-level approvals.
Approve leaves super fast
Generate powerful reports and summaries
Get summaries for the team’s leaves right inside Slack in an instant. Download various excel reports to suit your needs. Make sure everyone knowswhere everyone else is at anytime.
Let’s generate some reports
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