About Timlio

We’re a team that has accumulated of 12 years of experience in HR management

Following the success of our first recruiting software launched in 2012 (which we built out of our own internal necessity), our team quickly grew. Now our software is present in more than 13 countries.

Soon, we found ourselved trapped in challenging and time-consuming HR processes plauged with tedious spreadsheets and repetitive copy-paste. This prevented us from running our other projects.

Hoping the market would save us, we tested various tools without much success. Sooner than later, we came to realise there was no product in the market that was actually easy to use. That’s how TImlio came to be.

Timlio provides simple solutions to specific Human Resource needs.

Using our HR expertise and software development experience, we embraced the challenge to create a simple yet powerful HR software specifically designed for SMEs. We did not quit until were satisfied with the final outcome - Timlio.

Timlio helps you simplify your HR process - all you need is an internet connection and a commonly used browser. The digitisation of human resources is safely done in the cloud.

Meminta akses awal.
Timlio sekarang masih dalam tahap closed beta. Masukkan email Anda dan kami akan menghubungi Anda jika Anda adalah pengguna yang tepat. 😊